About High Cotton Hemp

Shot of a family enjoying life.

Do You Know What High Cotton Means?

And the livin’ is easy.
Fish are jumpin.’
And the cotton is high…”

(Lyrics from George Gershwin’s “Summertime”)

If you’re from the south, you’ve probably heard the old-timers refer to good-times in their lives as “high cotton.” The term is auspicious in every way. From the landowner’s perspective, when fields of cotton are high, the crop is abundant and cash will be flowing.

Then, there are people like us who work in the fields. And let me tell you, when working in high cotton, you appreciate the shade of that plant from the blazing Southern sun.

In other words, when the cotton is high, everyone is happy. When someone is in “high cotton,” that means they are enjoying life.

If we could bottle that summertime feeling — where the cotton is high and the fish are jumping — we would. But, from our personal experience, the benefits of CBD proves just that. That is why we chose our name.

At High Cotton Hemp, we want to give you that high cotton feeling of summertime, year-round.


Owned by Lee and Katherine Williams, High Cotton Hemp is an employee-owned company that strives to make quality CBD products accessible to those that need them most.

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