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Premium Hemp Flower – “Cherry Citrus” Smokables (Cannabis)


Premium Hemp Flower – 3.5 grams/7.0 grams

Strain:  Cherry Citrus

  • Potent Aroma – Grape and Berry Flavors
  • Total Cannabinoids:  22.015%
  • Popular Seller

Cherry Citrus has a stronger aroma that the standard cherry varieties.  The earthy flavors of the Cherry strain are the first to come through, followed by a sweet-tart finish.  Since this is an inhaled product, the effects are nearly instantaneous. Anxiety and stress relief are felt almost immediately, followed by pronounced physical relaxation and a pleasant mood boost. This allows you to feel less stressed, more focused, and an overall good feeling.

This is a product of legal industrial hemp and has a THC content of less than 0.3%.

Locally, organically grown in Eastern NC without the application of any harmful synthetic sprays.



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Premium Hemp Flower – 3.5 grams/7.0 grams

Strain:  Cherry Citrus

This CBD smokable is a great alternative to receive the natural effects of HEMP.


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3.5 grams, 7.0 grams


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